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The Mount Olympus game studio proudly creates extraordinarily beautiful casino games with a best in class player experience for the world's top shelf online casino operators.

All titles are having a very high quality level and is developed using the popular Unity3D technology which makes them available across many platforms such as browsers, app stores, console and PC stores.

All games are fully responsive to any screen size and devices and will render well in both portrait and landscape mode and are localized to more than 35 languages.

These features makes the Mount Olympus games outperform their peer competitors in all key player engagement metrics.

The games are hosted on the increasingly popular and proven Fireball Server™, a modern 3rd generation RGSaaS with a second to none performance, security and easy of use.

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Cinematic Slots™
Premium Slots
Multiplayer Games
Alive Games™

Our most exclusive slot games category, containing titles which are characterized by having an extraordinary high quality level, which traditionally is only associated with AAA releases. The production time is typically 18-24 months per release. Here we go all in, aiming to create a masterpiece to be enjoyed for decades.

The chosen themes are carefully selected and already proven and popular, but we aim at making the best implementation available, avoiding following transient trends which so often dominates the slot provider industry.

These slot games have multiple layers, with immersive storytelling, real time use of 3D throughout the various game settings and their characters, having multiple unique and advanced bonus games as well as multiple progressive or balanced jackpots.

Priced at 10% on the GGR

No minimum fee, conditioned that the games are getting their own Cinematic Slots™ games section.


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